Suddenly I fell into a hole, and something magical happened twice; all of a sudden, a stone began to shine in colorful lights and fly around me. The whole “room”, which wasn’t really a room, was filled with these colorful lights. One of my teachers appeared and tried to approach me, without any words she suggested that I should follow her to the airport. When I got on the plane I noticed all of my friends and some strangers were there too. They tried to tell me that our school was full of zombies so we must run out of there and go somewhere else. I felt kind of excited and a bit frightened. Then, we just sat there in silence. After a long while, I asked my teacher who was conducting the plane and a stranger turned around, and faced me, shocked. I knew he was shocked although I couldn’t see clearly his face. Then I heard another voice saying: YOU, of course, you are the pilot. I had a feeling that everyone around me could be monsters even though I knew they had human features. Maybe that was the case for me as well, maybe I was a zombie too.




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