About us


We are part of a research on dreams, that makes the intersection between the fields of Clinical Psychology, Artistic processes, Technology and Philosophy/Fiction/Science  Speculation. Since 2015 we have been organizing immersive projects in various parts of the world that culminated in the construction of our own methodology, which operates with speech analysis, natural language processing, learning machine and maps/cartography. To learn more see the text “Hijacked Futures X the Anti-hijacking of Dreams” – http://www.senselab.ca/inflexions/popfab/pdfs/Fabi%20edited.pdf


Erick Felinto – has a PhD in Comparative Literature from UERJ / UCLA and has a Post-Doctorate in Media Studies from the University of Arts in Berlin. He is a CNPq researcher and professor at UERJ/RJ, where he conducts research on digital art, cinema and cyberculture. He is the author of the books Avatar: the Future of Cinema and the Ecology of Digital Images (Sulina, with Ivana Bentes) and The Explorer of Abyss: Vilém Flusser and Post-Humanism (Paulus), among others. https://poshumano.wordpress.com/ 

Fabiane M. Borges – Clinical Psychologist. Works with research between Art/Science and Art/Clinic. Articulator of the Technoshamanism and Intergalactic Commune networks. Works with dreams since 2015, where she has developed a training/treatment methodology through dreams, applied in different countries. She is dedicated to the investigation of Subjectivity. http://catahistorias.wordpress.com / http://tecnoxamanismo.wordpress.com  / http://sacieartscience.wordpress.com 

Lívia Diniz – Creative director, researcher and producer, develops collaborative projects related to childhood; audiovisual, live and participatory arts. She designed carnival parades for samba schools and art & technology laboratories in the creation of playful spaces. She co-directed the Carnaval Interactive Workshop with the Architectural Association’s Visiting School Rio, and today she joins project design and development teams at the Playing for Change School Patagonia, Labea – Art and Ecology Laboratory in Barcelona and Hello! Earth, Denmark. http://www.marabertofilmes.com.br/livia 

Rafael Frazão – Visual artist and videomaker, works with research and artistic processes on topics such as: image philosophy, spectrum communities, optocracy and ocularcentrism, amerindian cosmopolitics, technopolitics and theory of fiction. He articulates the Technoshsamanism network, is a member of the independent Studies Program at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona and is a resident artist at the La Escocesa creative center. https://frazao.hotglue.me/ 

Tiago F. Pimentel – Dilettante anthropologist, programmer, hacker, multimedia artist, researcher of digital networks and activist of causes such as freedom and privacy on the network. He was part of the National Coordination team of the Casa Brasil Project, joined Casa de Cultura Digital and co-created CryptoRave, the largest open meeting on cryptography and security in the world. He is the General Director of Associação Actantes – Direct Action for Freedom, Privacy and Network Diversity.