We invite you to share your dreams with us in such a paradigmatic moment for our species.

The dreams sent to this archive go through a semiotic analysis process which uses different language processing softwares and specific dream psychology systems to generate interactive cartographies of these pandemic dreams.

We are organizing a large database with many of the dreams collection initiatives that took place during this catastrophic and planetary pandemic time. We believe that this common database creation will be of great value for it will expand the access to human oneiric production, making this material available for research and artistic derivations.

If you know other initiatives of dream collecting, share them with us!

This is a study on Dreams – Art and Clinic, part of the work “HIJACKED FUTURES X THE ANTI-HIJACKING OF DREAMS” – a methodology focused on creative and speculative processes (science / speculative fiction) developed since 2015 applied in different countries. Read the article in English here and in Portuguese here. To listen to it in Portuguese, here.

Exercise: Sleep with something to write on the side of the pillow, it can be paper and pen, or another tool that is easier for you. As soon as you wake up, before you even open your eyes, write your dream. Then just copy as written to the platform – without elaborating. We will receive texts in English / Portuguese / Spanish / French / Arabic and Chinese.

Send your dream narrative in audio to Telegram # +34 658 50 76 02 or write it down here (one dream at a time).

Technoxamanism – Social Clinic for the Future.