I was at my parent’s house, I haven’t been there since twelveyears. In our old bathroom with the old bathingtub and the colorful curtain. There was a cage with budgies, too small for so many birds – also my budgies Walta and Benjamin where inside, but a lot more other also bigger budgies who hurted the two. And then someone, I dont know who she was, but I knew her, opened the cage for an art reason, I think she was dancing, and I saw the window was wide open, but I didnt say anything. No, I was surprised when I realisied that all the birds where gone. Just two big birds left in the cage, crazily hunting each other. I looked out of the window, searching for the other birds. Explicitly I searched for Walta and Benjamin, but I just saw other birds, blackbirds and bigger birds, in the sky. But just infront of the window there where two dead naked bird babys. I said: How do chicken babys come here on top of the roof? And the other person, still dont know who she is, said: It is not chicken, it is a buzzard. And I searched for buzzards in the sky but there where just other birds.



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