I was at a very big house and it seemed to be old times, XIX century or so. I sense that because of the type of clothes I was using, the architecture of the place (it’s more like a villa), and the feeling I had there. I use to work at the place. Suddenly, a lot of men broke in and very violently started to enter into the house. I tried to hide myself, but I couldn’t. Someone had found me but he just spoke with me then he left. A bit confused, I went to a bathroom and when I just got there, a girl who also use to work at the house knocked at the door. I half opened it and I try to explain the situation to her. But somehow I was not able to speak clearly and I sent the girl directly to the bedroom which the headsman was with 2 children of the house. I really didn’t know who the invaders were and I had a chilling feeling. Then, I quickly realized that many of the girl who worked at the house were at the courtyard. I was going there when I decided to pick up some stuff at my bedroom and bring to the girl (the same girl I talked at the bathroom). I didn’t know rationally what was happening, but somehow I could know things only by feeling them. Well, I got the stuff and brought to the girl. I was bringing a mix of stones (more like jams), silver things and creams. Among them, there was a silver lamp, like a genius lamp, but on the top of it there was no cover, but instead, a type of cream. She was astonished with the lamp, and she thanked me a lot. The only problem was that I did not bring the lamp to her. I brought the cream on the top to her and I was not meaning to give her my special lamp. The last thing I recall it was the girl’s disappointed face and the other girls telling me how mean I was.



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