Before I fell asleep, I had prayed to remember anything relevant from any past lives, so that I can put more the puzzle pieces together. I dreamed that I was sitting in ceremony with friends, but instead of everyone receiving medicine, only I received medicine. The leader of the circle was sort of doing a test run with me. The medicine man/shaman (different from the leader) looked indigenous and was explaining to me in another language the process of what was going to happen/happening. Somehow I understood this other language. He explained that he had taken the prayers and dreams that were written by the people who had been buried in the cemetery we were near, he took things, wrote them down on some paper, then burned it into an ash, and the ash was used in the ceremony, as part of the medicine. By me consuming these ashes, I was essentially becoming a channel for all these dead people. This worried me a bit but it was too late to really stop. I was doing healing work on behalf of everyone there. Later, someone came up to me to acknowledge me; they realized what powerful work I was doing and said I would have to have another dose because I wasn’t done, there was more healing work to be done. I knew that they were right and wondered when that was going to happen (it seemed like it would end up being another occasion). It was interesting to interact with people when I was the only one whose consciousness was in an altered state.




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