I was playing with my best friends and we were playing happily, having the best time playing basketball, and when I threw the ball and it was going in the hoop, it suddenly turned into a teacher, with a strict face, angrily talking to me. She looked at me like she does at school, it was very scary, such an ugly face. In our class, we were all scared of her. Some people were talking in class, just with their hands, using sign language while the teacher was writing on the blackboard, but she had eyes on her back, even though she was looking at the blackboard she could still see me, two big eyes with black pupils, always looking at us, we were all so scared. There was a computer monitor, sometimes it was white and sometimes it was red, when it was red it meant that the teacher had opened her computer and she could see us, she could control the monitors and the cameras. It was like a game, so we couldn’t move, we couldn’t talk to each other. There were two monitors on the wall, so she could use the computer to see us. All the students made fists and they wanted to punch the monitors, that was the scariest of all. These monitors kept on appearing on my dreams, day after day.



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