Somehow I go to the cinema, I think the restrictions have been partially lifted. I go with a man I haven’t met before – this detail is lifted from the book I’m currently reading, Outline by Rachel Cusk. I watch the movie and then I am in the movie. I am one of a large group of children in a conflict which is a bit like WW2 and a bit like DRC although eventually the bad guys are speaking Portuguese and I settle on Mozambique. We (the children in the group) are friends and we’re laughing and having fun, especially me and two others, this feels like a novel. We get separated from the bigger group – we are no longer on a trailer, now we are running away, and we’re being chased. I’m separated from my friends, I am in a tunnel, running away. I’m being chased. I’m really scared. My alarm goes off and I am half awake and returning to the dream, which I want to continue because I want to know what happens and it’s like a book or a film, but also I don’t want it to continue because I’m terrified of what the soldiers might do to me. But the film ends and then we are all filing out of the cinema, me and the man who is a stranger but who is very nice and interesting and hundreds of other people and we’re all going to catch buses home, and then I remember that we’re meant to be on lockdown, and I worry about all the people that I’ve been around for the last 3 hours.



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