Once I was living in a hotel and I became a cat. One day I went outside and sat in the rain. I was at a place, like a public square, it had a fountain and a few people were there as well. I looked up and saw a lady staring at me through the window. I hid myself under the table. The lady disappeared and I couldn’t tell where she had gone. I liked her, I was curious to know who she was, so I waited there hoping she would come back. I waited a bit and she came up to me. I thought she was looking for me so I approached her but it seemed like she couldn’t see me, and I couldn’t understand why. There was a chambermaid beside her, she opened an umbrella and said: “Do you want to find it dear?” The lady nodded and they walked to the fountain together. Then, I, the cat, didn’t follow her, I went on the other way alone. I didn’t see the lady again and the rain continued to fall.




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