I dreamed that I was a vase and I could feel the smell of the flowers and then a child came to me and put some more flowers on my head, At that moment I understood I was a vase, I was so afraid so I tried to get out of the house but then, I calmed down and said to myself: “how silly it is for a vase to start moving!”. I waited for the child to come back to his/her room and for a long while… well, it might have been just a few seconds, but they felt like a few centuries. Finally, I tried to pour out the water that was in my head and when I looked into the water I saw myself; not too fancy, nor too poor, just a white vase. I tried to roll out of the window and get on the back of the bird that was flying by the window, luckily I rolled and fell exactly on the bird’s back. While I was surprised about how I managed to do that, the bird flew above a lake and suddenly I recognized that was an excellent way to escape, so I rolled and rolled an rolled, falling down into the lake and suddenly I became a fish, without knowing why. I was in the lake but I met a shark, that doesn’t surprise me now because I know it was a dream, but in the dream, I wondered why there was a shark in a lake with me, who was just a little fish. I greeted it, but it didn’t seem to understand me. Then I saw it opening its mouth and coming in my direction and “ynhac”! I swam and swam and swam until I arrived in its stomach, but it was not an ordinary stomach, it was just like a new lake and I could see many small fishes like me, I was shocked and said to myself: “did that large guy eat so many little fishes like me?” I got so scared and woke up.




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