I was in school and we had to sleep in class, I fell asleep right away because that day we had many tests. In the dream within the dream, I was in the classroom and my classmates were there too, we were all asleep. the cloud became black, we guessed it was going to rain, the class was over and we went outside, there was a storm. We could hear the thunder, an hour passed, and there was a lot of water on the streets and in the school, we tried to run out of there. I fell down and woke up. I saw that my classmates were still asleep. We had to get up and do the homework. In two hours, the cloud became black, I guessed it was going to rain, the thunder was lovely, it was like in the dream within the dream, but the teacher was still giving class. In my dream we needed to run, the thunder was more lovely than the teacher speaking. We were not done with our tests and the storm was coming, the teacher said that our parents were coming to take us back home. If you don’t have parents to pick you up you must stay in school and do your homework. I was lucky because my parents came and I didn’t catch a cold.




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