i was in philly doing something like getting ready for a show (but really it was philly/nyc/london b’cause dream space) i stopped in a building to look at some historic architecture-a ceiling of gold chandeliers – and then went for a short walk on my way to a train station to get my favorite vegan brunch for take away and i ran into a person that i know… i also walked past a church/community center that had been turned into a mecca for all hot femme queers which were all hanging out it the parking lot in short shorts or cute skirts, tattoos, hairdos lipstick etc. hot hot sunny day (everyone wanted ice cream) i get to the place to get brunch and the person and some of their friends are sitting outside (loitering? eating ?) and i say ‘hey’ (in a cool way because in this dream i am totally cool) they are wearing cut offs and some sort of tank top -soft skin and extra freckly (b’cause summer) their hair is chin length and blonde-ing at the front because of the sun… they are laughing LOUDLY – (or how i remember their infectious laugh) so i get my food to go- let’s say it’s a sourdough vegan bacon egg n cheese.. or some shit with vegan hollandaise sauce and home fries and vegan mayo or it’s a greasy fatty delicious thing with fucking toast! and a side salad! i contemplate getting vegan ice cream, but then i don’t because the line is too long and everyone is getting ice cream and plus i have to catch a train home on my way out- the person is still at table with friends so i go up to them and say ‘hey what are you doing right now?’ i guess they say something like ‘nothing’ so i ask them if they want to come hang out at my house. no i ask them if i can kidnap them. i say ‘can i kidnap you’ then i say, rather nonchalantly, ‘come on, come over i am just about to take the train home you don’t need anything, the train will take 20 mins and we can chill-‘ maybe i entice them with AirCo and much to my surprise (and not chagrin which is what i was expecting) they say ‘sure’ maybe they need to pass by-[somewhere? the hot femme community center?] to get their [backbag/purse/bag] (((blah blah dream space time))) we get to the train station get on the train we are at my house- (my old house in bryn mawr. we just-get there because dream time/space) we get in the house. the house is light and dark and cool meaning the sun is getting inside, so there is natural light, but it is also in the shade and it’s cool. like stone houses are in the shade in the summer we go upstairs to my room- which is my moms room- the yellow room they lay on the bed- there is no other furniture on the room they somehow have a light teal ostrich feather boa- and their tank top is stripped i go to the toilet i come back from the bathroom and i just start touching their skin their skin is warm i slowly touch their skin – it’s so slow! they are laughing one of their arms is over their head exposing their armpit i glide the tips of my fingers over their soft warm skin- the skin on the underside of their arm between their elbow and their armpit i glide the tips of my fingers over their soft warm skin- the skin on the underside of their arm between their elbow and their armpit i can smell the soft summer sweet salty sweat of their armpit i can see the many freckles on their face i can see their eyes because they took off their glasses they stop laughing and are looking at me dead in the eyes i make a little journey for my finger tips-which magically remain cool and unsweaty! i trace a line from elbow to armpit- i do not avoid the armpit this time- armpit glistening with sweat like dew on grass slide finger across armpit follow curves down, around across clavicle, down sternum over opposite nipple down… swoop across ribcage, floating ribs (it does not tickle) hollow of their stomach, belly button they are no longer wearing a shirt follow a different but similar path back up, trace across their trapezius up the side of their neck as their head turns away from me behind their ear hot breath on their ear more touching more skin more touching they are no longer wearing the jean shorts-just black underwear lost in the feel of their skin i cannot tell for how long this last…fingers gliding up and down their body, across their thighs as if everything is uncharted territory more skin more touch bellow the belly button, across hip bones/pelvis/iliac crest down across up across/over their black underwear up towards navel the hollow of their stomach…following the trail of small thin hairs there upwards … they have to go to the bathroom they come out of the bathroom naked but with shoes on, the closest way i can describe the shoe is a flesh toned ‘jazz heal’ they are standing on the landing just coming out of the bathroom sort of at a 3/4 turn like i can see most of their back and side at that moment i realize the front door to the house is open and my mom is home unloading the car of very large cardboard boxes the outside summer air comes in and up the stairs and mixes with our sweaty salty sweet body smells they are naked on the landing- time slows i hear my moms footsteps approaching on the slate patio outside..



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