I have parked my ambassador car in the market snd is sitting in the rear seat upset about something. Vargheese spots me after a while only. We chat fir a while infront of the hotel. And he says hey we have to go to the other side of the market to buy supplies na. This is the second time we are meeting in that market. A place like trissur rounds. Im in the bus. A huge metal traffic stopper to be seen .. painted some actresses name which I forgot now. They keep it when this lady visits the temple. I find it funny. A pond with lotus leaves. The pond is not a well maintained one. This guy who holds a high position in district administration comes n sits next to me and we chat. I know him , hez familiar to me .Romantic chats. I ask him .. kuttik aalukal kanda ippo prashnamille. (Aren’t you conscious of public now..? Me n My cousin and him standing in the back side of a small truck and travelling. I tease him as my cousin tries to click a selfie n he is standing with a serious face. He and my son are alike i say.. when others laugh they both are serious n when others are serious, they seem cool. Then he smiles for the pic. That rounds n the roads n market like i have dreamt before also. It had a feel of Trivandrum and Banglore markets combined. Again an old traditional tamil agraharam kind of house. A friend’s . One room was leaking when it rained. Some talks about Renju’s comments on the house. I m coming out of the room . There are these men who were taking antiques to other rooms. Friend’s son was showing them the rooms, Us in a county boat. My friend is rowing .. through one of the main roads in the city.


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