we were climbing a green mountain, following a trail already drawn. nature was exuberant and we enjoyed it. the feeling was good, and we followed the path in a state of contemplation, despite the difficulties. it was very hot and the trail was steep. we reached the top of the green mountain and saw a paradise beach. as we went down the trail to get to this place we were looking for, we saw an agglomeration of people on the sand, at the edge of the sea. while we were talking curiously about what was going on there, a huge tentacle emerges between that group of people … and one more, and another. the octopus was giant. and it was manifesting violently. with his suction cups he involved those around him. at the same time I was appalled and amazed, not believing what I was seeing. when I realized the danger and the size of the tentacles, and the voracity of that being that destroyed whoever was close, we desperately ran in the opposite direction, returning to the other side of the mountain.

Porto alegre


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