I was running away from a guy who was just like all the guys in the story, they just changed their hair style and clothes. I threw bowls at him and everything I found, but I couldn’t get rid of him. I was helping some friends escape, but I was hoping someone would come and help me. Before I was escaping and someone I didn’t see stayed to get rid of him. Marista (my school) had changed, the garden was more beautiful, several colorful flowers, and they were making the building the way it used to be, only it was much older than the school. The rumor spread that the doctor was with covid, and everybody left class. I ask someone if she was going down, who said she was expecting company for this. I seemed to be the only one going down alone. Down there some people and I decided to apologize to the doctor. Amanda complained because she had planned a trip with Elisa that had gone wrong. I talk a little with Iago, who is in the last year, but he has a different schedule because he advanced some courses. Then we are at my grandma’s farm, in his older twin brother’s truck, who complains about someone, while I sit in the truck. He looks at me and I get out. Then we are going up the slope of the farm standing in the back of the truck. Iago’s brother had said that he was an experienced driver, but who’s driving is Luis Carlos, from a little house at the top of the slope. Someone tells him to speed up, and he does, but when we get close I ask him to take it slow, and then we start down. When we get to the gate I hold on to the entrance sign because the car is standing on its back tires and I think I’m going to fall. Iago holds me. Then we are sitting on the floor, he is still holding me. He kisses me on the cheek, which was not appropriate, but I like it. He asks his nanny, who was a physical therapist, if she can help me, but she says I’m still in shock. He gets up and asks with his eyes if everything is okay. I say yes and thank you. Then I get up and pass the room where he is sitting with his back to his brother, this one wearing a hat. Arriving in the kitchen, the nanny says that I better not get involved, after all he was already leaving. I agree, take a passion fruit juice and ask if I should put it back or leave it on the table, but I can’t articulate the question.




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