I am walking down a derelict street, I know it is somewhere in East Berlin at some point in the early 90′. On one side the street is blocked with bollards, the signage looks dated, the style is clearly 1970s, the kind of old fashion, blocky letter fonts you still find in certain peripheries of the city well past hip Friedrichshain and deeper into the eastern block. Some signs are in polish. On the street, a small group of men in working clothes, drink heavily, vodka, and cheap Tyskie beer. The advertising posters on the side walls are tore down, no ads seem more recent than ten years ago.All shops are closed. I remember this street in Berlin, it was packed with clubs, now it’s the land of doom and gloom. Someone told me the club I am looking for is still in a basement, I need to look for a black door and a broken neon sign on top, it’s daytime, the neon will be off for sure. I do find it, while I enter the door and creep down the basement corridor, I can feel the heat rising and the voices louder. Down the basement is a beach party, it’s kind of packed and I can’t see the sea but I can see the sky. Somewhat this is perfectly plausible, right? As I turn my head, I notice a massive cliff just behind, suddenly the perspective shifts. I can see a bird’s eye view of the cliff and its exact opposite, the ponderous rock rising from the ground near my feet. Looks all like a beach landscape warped onto a ninety-degree angle. Perched at the top edge of that rock is an infinity pool, it’s hard to reach and there are fewer people. I ask around, apparently, there’s another black door leading to a basement that will take me there.



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