In the dream I was in Portugal and I felt very emotive amid historical buildings and historical facts. Somehow Angola was inside Portugal. Professor Lilia Schwarcz was near me and also a conservative and religious uncle was around. At some point in the dream, Lilia showed me historical documents about an eclipse, among them there was an old photo negative picturing an astronaut from Angola – Angola that was inside Portugal. A black man. All those things were beautiful and spiritual to me. Full of emotions I showed the photo negative to my uncle. Furiously he took it and smashed it in his hands and threw it to the ground cursing those were devilish things. I freaked and screamed then I was insulted by my uncle’s behaviour, because all of that was of unnameable value to me and that person was destroying it. I believe this was a dream about bolsominions. This Angola that was inside Portugal in the dream was an absurdly beautiful and historical place. Very dark too. And dense. The sky felt about to fall.

Johan Piter

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