I am in a big Castle. It’s old, made of wood and dust. I know I am in here to learn something. A teacher, which I do not recognize, tells me that to arrive further in what I want to achieve I have to pass through a tiny, dusty, dark and claustrophobic tunnel. In the beginning I am too scared to enter but I want so desperately to achieve something (not sure what it was) that I go in. Inside there I am with one of my best friend, super scared but since she’s behind me, a bit less. I arrive in a room, the friend is gone and once again someone who I identify as a teacher tells me that if I want to achieve what I want I have to look in the mirror. In the beginning I am scared but then I decide it is more important to go further and I look. My face is a monster face with a black, liquid, thick matter that runs on and around it. I am scared but I keep looking for a long time and slowly appears my image that transform in another friend’s face.



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