There was an outdoor supermarket. It was just like a normal Soriana supermarket but without ceiling, walls or floor. Huge concha breads piled on counters. I wanted one but I couldn’t reach it. It had the colors of the pansexual flag as frosting. A friend told me to steal it but there were soldiers guarding the surroundings. I tried to reach it but I couldn’t. Suddenly one of the soldiers greeted me. It was my ex boyfriend. I felt so uncomfortable. He seemed so happy to see me. We started walking through a dirt road, shortly after we arrived at a house whose first floor laid dow into a canyon and whose last floor was on top of the hill. We entered through the last floor. It was a bathroom with showers and pastel colour tiles. There he kissed me and I pretended to like it, but he kissed so badly. I told him I had to go and went deeper inside the house. The soldiers started to run behind me and the house was so big, the closer you got to the bottom of the house the weirder it got. I went inside a room and when I heard the soldiers nearby I jumped through one of the windows, and I stood hanging from the framework. Slowly I climbed sideways through the rooms façade but I was still inside the house. Someone else was hiding there, hanging from that rooms façade and she told me to let go so we could land on the bottom rooms floor. I did so and found myself at the first floor of the house. I could hear screams, screeches and cries. It was like a twisted pink colored bizarre, lights felt almost like a dance club, psych ward. To get out of there the other person told me we had to go through the stairs, which where narrow verticallywise and wet. We squeezed through stair after stair. As we climbed further into the top of the building the stairspace got wider.

Dení López



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