I dreamt that I went for a walk outside my 2km radius. It was night time, in a red brick type of area in the city. I happened upon a bunch of people I know, who were all living together and having fun making a short film. I was very aware of ( and ignoring) the fact that none of them should have been standing so close to me. I think we even touched. Their fun was kind of exhausting me. In the sky, the image of ET flying across the sky was being projected for everyone’s entertainment. It looked very real. I strolled to an underground where I bumped into an old college mate who I never really clicked with. We had a polite chat. I ended up walking with her a bit, because it was too busy to stay in place. We ended up in a glass elevator that brought us into a skyscraper-esque hospital. She was a nurse working there. I was a bit frightened by being there because of covid. Then the elevator turned into a bus and we were now miles outside Dublin going to an even bigger hospital. I started crying because of how hard it must be working in a hospital. When we got to the hospital, she and a colleague talked about how the sanitizer that we buy in shops wasn’t doing anything. End of dream.



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