I dreamt that I drove up a hill in order to go to CVS, and I ran into my boss there. One of us was doing laundry. I bought a small toy (perhaps a car) for his son, but for some reason I didn’t give it to him there. Instead I drove to his house to drop it off. When I got there, I realized he was having a party, and I was jealous that I hadn’t been invited. Several people came out in order to invite me in, but I didn’t want to go. The house was also at the top of a hill, with a chain-link fence with a hole in it that one had to climb in and out of. Somehow I ended up inside, where there was food and drink. But soon it became apparent that something sinister was going on. There were butchers murdering women and sewing together their body parts and organs. I was trying to leave, but they were trying to get me to stay at the party. Eventually there was a very slow chase down the driveway, during which time the hole in the chain link fence got smaller and smaller. But I guess I escaped. Then I started to fly. Then I was in this strange place where people with disabilities were using very, very tall swings for therapeutic and entertainment purposes. It looked dangerous but also fun. At some point I found out that I would be teaching spanish in the fall, and I worried about how I would get all the grading done.

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