I was with an ex-boyfriend, I felt us physically ascending but with a heavy pressure counteracting the ascension. We ended up in this congregation of people standing in pews, repeating words as in a trance. I felt compelled to join in but was also aware of trying to maintain my clarity of mind, feeling we were being brainwashed as a whole. We were then back to earth and standing on the rooftop of a random outbuilding, a shed or something of the kind. A silver tailed wolf showed up, and feeling threatened, my ex said to stand back and he would take care of it. He started punching the wolf in the stomach, but the wolf attacked his hands and left them bloody and severely scraped. My ex realized that wasn’t going to work and that we needed to let the wolf become habituated to us instead of trying to control it. The ground was suddenly flooded with water and my ex kept splashing in the water next to the wolf, habituating it to our presence.

Powell River


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