The part I could recall I had to runn away from where I was. So I went up on the back of a huge gus. That was a bit scared and surprised and took off resisting a bit, the idea to keep me on this flight. I manage to equilibrate my self and find a proper spot closer to the head, with my legs sitted near the wings. Then I started to caress the thin fur of his long neck, and share my energy that I want him well and wouldnt harm him. He got calmer and focus of the flight. I continue to pet and for the first time I could look landscape we were flying above. Green grass filds, with some dark short mountains . I noticed we were heading to France. Short after the giant bird went down and feel in the ground. Was doing a strange noise on the throath and mouth. I wandered if it was real or a way to live me out of him. I went running to look for water anyways to try to help. Sundelly I see a man with a machine gun walking. He was an ennemy that would like to kill me. I tryed to take his gun, but because of centimeter I didnt manage. Then we were fighting rolloing on the ground. The gun was pointing on me but I continje to fight for it. Until I manage to grab the gun with him atatched and I fired. He took a distance from me. I continue looking for the water. Brought in a cup for the goose and than I woke up.

São Paulo


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