I dreamed that I was on a plane going to an event in New York and Donald Trump was my travel companion because we were going to present a piece of work we did together in the event. He was the US president but we were flying in a normal plane, which was half empty (but only half) At the plane he first sat by my side but soon as we took off he decided to move to a sit in the row behind me, to be more comfortable as there were no one else sitting in that row. Then I turned back and asked him: I forgot, this is going directly to New York, right? He went: yes, direct. And I: of course, you wouldn’t stop anywhere, nor would I. He smiles and I notice that a woman just sat next to him, but didn’t recognize him. She would stay for less than a minute, smile and move to another seat. I sit back upright in my seat, remark vaguely that there is something in the screen – as one does when flying while getting ready to doze off and then I realize: but it’s cold in New York and I don’t have a jacket in my suitcase at all. And then I think, what about the coronavirus? I think, it’s not worth going, why am I going? The event, it’s not that interesting and I’m going to catch the virus. I have to craft myself a mask straight away, I need a mask, then I can buy an expensive coat in the airport, whatever, and come back straight away, I’m not staying there. I then open my cloth bag and find nothing but clipping from newspapers; I have to craft a mask with them… but they don’t seem either clean or protective. Then I notice my fingers are already scratching my eyes…



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