I came back from a long travel through Leipzig. I couldn’t recognize anything on this travel, but I was levitating over the streets, in and out of spaces, but the map stated that Leipzig it was, and, if not a huge country, it was a monstrous city. I came home, or some apartment, looked like an empty new apartment, and I was rolling a gray case with wheels. It was heavy, and I pushed it towards the first room I found, leaving it there then kept walking towards the end of the corridor, turned left and went into another bedroom. I walked inside and sat on the white bed, looking around to the white walls. The room and the whole apartment was empty from any objects or decoration. I got a shiver as I heard the case rolling, approaching through the corridor, and stopping against the wall. No one said a word. I stepped up angrily and took the case, rolling it back to the first room, pushed the case inside and saw there was no one, just another bed with white linings. Left the case inside the room, and closed the door. I came back to the room in the end of the corridor. This time I heard the door being opened, and got another chill while I turned and saw the heavy case hitting the wall with full force and break open. White clothing, or sheets fell on the floor. I was violently afraid and ran in despair towards the room, cursing that evil spirit, trying to cast it out. When I entered the room, I saw my sister and my mother sleeping on the bed, my sister asking me to be quiet.

Luis B



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