I were in a place, not defined, with other people. I started to feel that i can’t close my eye. I didn’t fell pain, but just a bit annoyance. If i tryed to close my right eye, this don’t turn a blind completely, but just arrived in the middle. I asked to other people if everythink wes ok in my eye and they said Yes. At a cwrtain point i start to see myself from outside. I was outsise of myself and i noted that in the white part of my eye were growed three big, thik hairs. From outside of myself i continie to asked to the other to see that, but for the pther was a normal situation. Meanwhile this hairs were growing, starting to seems more and more as wisp of chives. Very long and think. I couldn’t close the eye, but i didn’t feel pain. This hairs grows up and none says nothing, as was normal. So at the end i was in this living room, as at a formal party,whit this three lonh wisps of chives in the eye.




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