DREAm 313

I dreamed that all three of us spent an evening in the company of Pacciani (Florence based famous killer) who was gentle and a normal person but with a hobby and particular interest in hunting and taxonomy of small mammals and we concluded that it is not fair that those who have unusual interests are accused of being assassins just because he talks about mummification techniques with mercury and silver, then Pacciani forced us to fish for moles and explained how to build the line and the hook, finally I went to the bathroom in a motorway service station and I was in the toilet with two guys I don’t remember the names but they were people who are friends with my cousin Gianluigi whom I haven’t seen for 20 years, they pranked on me and I touch them with hands infected with coronavirus for revenge, in all this story there is Fonz Pucci who, however, pretends to not seeing me and on leaving the bathroom I met Monica Gabola who looked a bit like Tufano and her sister who accompanied a little girl and in greeting her I asked her if she was the daughter and her friend said “of course she is the daughter, she has two” and in fact she was the same appearance and she was a beautiful creature like those of children’s advertisements and we were all in tears thinking that we had grown old now



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