It is a contemporary dream, like it’s me having my age and my actual life. We are in winter, somewhere in the Appennines of central Italy, a mix between a couple of places I have already been to, involving a monastery and a beautiful forest of firs. I normally go to these places in spring or summer, to eat good stuff and spend time with friends open-air. That is the case also in the dream. But, instead of being in spring, the place is snowy, very snowy, like in the pictures I get these days from my Norwegian ex-boyfriend with whom I am still in nice contact. I have seen that kind of snow maybe three times in my life. I mean that snow that is thick, falling in big slices from branches and rooftops, making everything silent, that snow that continues falling inside the forest, even when it stops snowing from the sky, because the breeze moves the trees, creating foggy curtains of small particles of light grey ice floating down. All of sudden, in the dream, I loose my cat (note: My only cat actually died when I was 13 and I am now 32. I also left it in a countryside small house we had as we discovered I was deeply allergic. we went taking it food every day for years. Than, eventually, my parents moved there. That in the dream, it is my cat from then). I don’t have any idea why it is there, even in the dream. Why the fuck have I been so stupid to let the cat come up here). All of a sudden the big group of people that is with me wants to go away, go back to town. For no particular reason, it is just the end of the day. So, I panic. I want to find my cat and take it back with me. And I spend hours looking for my cat around the outside of the monastery and small village, and the public gardens and small square next to it. We are talking about very few square meters, as then everything is surrounded by forest. Some people also try to help me. Some others say to just let it go or come back tomorrow. There are some dozens people, and there are tons of cats too, many different ones! All people are social distancing and most of them wear masks. I don’t find it and I realize how much I loved it. And I don’t want to just take another cat and go. I will sleep there, and they all just can go back to town, with their masks and stupid laws on distancing and staying at home, while I will stay there, outside, looking for the cat with this huge despair and heaviness of having lost it forever.


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