I was 23 in the dream, the cities were more beautiful and the buildings were higher. I was a police officer, but I didn’t know which city I was in. I was going to have lunch with my police officer partners, suddenly the weather got worse and a Tsunami came. I was in a hotel with 100 floors, we tried to get to the top, we were trying to run as fast as we could. We felt very tired, and we were still on the 50th floor. I had special powers, I could become water and I could control ice. I made a wall with ice and I could control things, I could control the wall. I could fly, so I took my partner with me up to the top of the building, then I was swimming in the tsunami. We saw the city under the sea, it was beautiful. A long time passed, the big wave was gone and we could drive around the city. We were in a car race, we drove for a long time in the city and then went up the mountains. My friend won the race and we decided to live in the mountains. We fell down in a hole and found out that it was a Monster’s home. It was ugly, looked like a dragon, it was running after us and we had the power to fly, but so did the monster. It became another competition, my friend was bitten by the monster dragon. I took my friend up to the top of the mountain, trying to get home, and the monster was still following us. So I had an idea, I took the monster into the sea and turned the sea into ice to keep the monster there. My friend and I got back home in the mountains and I understood why a long time ago the 海啸 tsunami appeared, it was because the monster woke up, it was in the sea so the sea invaded the city.




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