I dreamed i was meeting a trainer in a bootcamp somewhere in the countryside, in a place named the castle of a thousand toilets. It was a very luxurious place, you could tell it was very sophisticated, but in ruins now. It had toilet bowls on the walls, very intricate ones, made from ceramics and golden bronze appliances. The entire place was surrounded by imense iron stairs which were leading to suspended platforms. It was easy to get lost in that labyrinth like never ending spiralling stairs, and i knew the place was haunted. The task was to go around and up the stairs and find and inspect all possible platforms or rooms. I remember i was very scared, but i had a latern and a knife with me which gave me a little confidence and security. I woke up in the middle of inspecting one of the higher platforms while my bff came to guide me through the maze.

Irina Erro

Alba Iulia


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