we have a group gathering in the room of my childhood. people are sitting around on the furniture, the floor and my old hanging chair, where i loved to sit in as a child. we’re discussing a plan of great importance, holding papers, quoting lines and trying to come to a consensus. i think it was about something tremendously big, like the abolishment of capitalism, but we were behaving as if we were having some itellectual book club meeting. only a long time that passed, i actually reckognized those people in my room. they were friends from abroad, from my time as an exchange student. i felt super excited, i didn’t have them close to me in a while. precisly i didn’t had anybody close to me in while. so we made a hug snail all together instead of finding a solution for the crisis. eventually we also startet kissing and snuggeling more intense, but it wasn’t a sexual atmosphere really. it was more the feeling phisycal closeness, that overwhelmed all of us and made us feel so connected. i miss bodies


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