I am in an apartment of my friend who has a 3 months son. I visited her and her son for the first time. Surprisingly I am meeting her husband for the first time. I saw there is another guy who is a good friend of mine but she is not acquainted with this friend. But I didn’t find it weird that he is there in my friend’s apartment. The mother of the son, my friend, she told us to move to another room as the baby is sleeping. Her husband, my friend and also me, we went to another room and we saw only a big bed there with very little light. We can hardly see anything there. I sat on towards the head-space of the bed and in the middle. Her husband is in one side of the bed, lay down. And in other side my another friend lay down. My female friend was sitting near me. After sometimes, her husband went to sleep, turning his body opposite of me. I am still sitting in the middle with grabbing my both legs with two hands. After sometime, My male friend, who is not acquainted at all with my female friend, said, ‘I am seeing you after so long!’ First I though he is telling me, but actually he is telling my other friend and as I was beginning to be surprised, my female friend sat top of my male friend and suddenly they were both naked and they started f*cking. I looked at them astonishingly and I took another glance towards her husband who was still lying down. I put my eyes on them. My female friend said to me ‘Go to baby’s room. Can you find the room?’ I replied, ‘the apartment has very typical floor plan. It’s not hard to find any room’. But I didn’t move, I was starring intently towards them as they were making love very passionately and I can feel that I was really enjoying watching them. And then I woke up!



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