I am sitting in a table, a white table, but I am sitting in the floor, it’s a low white table. it’s a big table with people sitting around the table, many people, more than 10 may be. The room is white, the two walls I can see is white, the door is white too, one door, it is slightly open. I can see a corridor from where I am sitting, there is a window behind me, white curtains are hanging there, it’s day time. We all are playing something, may be mafia, I am really enjoying and I am constantly looking at the wall and the small view I can see through the door, but I can’t see any people. They are there, but I can’t see them and I am looking at the white wall. I woke up. The surprising feeling after waking up is, I felt a bit let down. I was enjoying with people without worrying about anything. And now I am in my bed, alone, in my room, in an insecure situation everyday!



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