I am standing in the long balcony of my High School. I can see the courtyard in front of me. I can see the big spruce tree in the middle of the courtyard. I didn’t hear anything what is happening behind me but I knew that something bad happened from the other side of the classroom. May be a bomb or an earthquake, but I surely knew the two layers of wall will fall on my back and surprisingly I am still looking at the spruce tree. And a big thrust came from behind, I can’t feel the pain, but I flew towards the ground, I was in the first floor. While flying, I was thinking several things, I was thinking, ‘Oh, if I die, this is the end. And I really do not believe in hell or heaven’, then I was thinking, I should hold a cocoon position with my body, then it will hurt less and I also was thinking, if only roof falls on me, I will be able to pass through the rumbles, let’s wait for hitting the ground. And as the moment I was about to hit the ground, I woke up!



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