I don’t remember how it started, had an uneasy feeling that lasted all night, basically it felt like watching a movie, not a scary one, but a creepy vibe was surrounding me. There was a boy who did something bad, something related to killing or mutilating a baby, and I had this urge, through the entire dream, to actually see what he did to the baby. Most of the dream I recall took place on a church, neither creepy nor religious vibes, we simply were there. That was also a curly haired girl, who was always by my side and i remember feeling that she was my friend, remember me and her arguing a lot with the boy, but even though he made that atoucious act he didn’t seem like a killer or a bad person, we could see he was a child or a teen. I guess the urge to see what had actually happened to the baby was bigger than being worried about the boy’s integrity… a lot of other things happened that i don’t remember, but by the end of the dream I got to see a blurry scene of a doll-like baby being wringed… no blood or sounds of bones being broken could be heard, i didn’t feel pleased to be watching the scene. i woke up

São Paulo


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