Stress dream. I was driving down a winding road that I often drive down on in my dreams. My partner was sitting next to me. A woman jumped on the road in front of the car, asking us to take her and her son in the car. I had a bad feeling about it so I said no. She kept insisting, not wanting to move away from the car. Eventually another car pulled up and took them in. We drove a few kilometers down the road, to a police roadblock. An officer took us into an abandoned factory by the side of the road and told us that the woman and her son were cannibals; she showed us freezers full of human meat cut and packaged into sausages, steaks, etc. She told us we had to stay with them but would be safe. The other car came, empty apart from the woman and her son at the front. Another car followed, which carried the father and another child. The police started shooting at them. There was an impact. The son, lanky and mean-looking, ran to the side towards us and shot my partner in the chest. Devastating grief went through me before my brain caught up to the fact that I’d heard a click which signalled the gun was empty. I ran towards the son, grabbed his gun by the muzzle, and successfully shot him with the empty gun.




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