I went to sleep my 3-years old after lunch and fall asleep with him. It was de first time (at least that I noticed), in two weeks of confinement that my dreams had contents related with this all new situation. So I sleep and dreamed that I was living in other neighborhood, in the center of Porto, and in a different and older house. I was living with my partner and my son. I went out with my kid for a small walk and, suddenly, he began to run from me, joking for being running and hiding. I was quite anxious following him screaming “we can not stay outside, please come inside” but I was in the street almost naked, tales and only pink pants and was very nervous also because the kid was obliging me to expose myself to the few people in the street. I became worse when my kid began to when my son started to pick up cigarette sticks from the floor and simulating he was smoking. I suddenly wake up, a bit disturbed and I understood 3 things: a) this virus is making me vulnerable in the relationship with my kid, he is everywhere and maybe I’m a bit naked responding to his needs; b) to be naked outside, there is something about exposing myself during the confinement; c) my kid simulating he as smoking is probably related with the fact that, during confinement, I increased a lot the amount of cigarettes I smoke and probably I feel guilty for being a bad example to my son.




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