For years I find myself having the same dream reacuring, there isn’t a week that goes by that these dream won’t appear to me. The contexts may vary, but basically i will be surrounded by cats, but one of my own cats will go missing, and I will spend the rest of the dream looking for them..the strange thing is most of the time some other animal/insect will be born at the same time ( it can be a kitten but also a spider) as if it were to replace my missing cat. This usually takes place in or outside the home I used to grow up in, never in my current home. As I believe in Junigian/ Freudian dream interpretation, I try to pay close attention to any changes in this dream and what it might tell me..just a week before the Covid-19 situation became serious for us in the Netherlands, I dreamed I was walking in a field and I saw two cats who were standing behind maybe 20 extremely white kittens who were all laying on there backs vertically facing me. These cats were there parents, at first I was allowed to pet them, second time walking the same path the cats ( parents) looked angry and I couldn’t touch them anymore. A drastic change in my cat dream..! I’m very curious what my subconscious is trying to show me 😉 T.

Thuraya Shi



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