In my dream, Beyoncé is in Istanbul as part of her tour. She is sightseeing in a luxury bus with Kanye West and I am there with them, maybe I am working as a guide or maybe I won it as a sweepstakes prize. Some really big guys are doing Beyoncé’s security and they are also her relatives. brothers maybe or cousins. I am having very in-depth conversations with her about her music, aesthetic and symbolism of her lyrics. Such as the underlying meaning of wearing a pair of daisy dukes inside out in one of her videos and how it’s reflected in the lyrics. Kanye West keeps trying to join the conversation, but we kind of ignore him. A bird flies in through the open window of the bus and scares Beyoncé. She is very superstitious, it turns out. Afterwards we also take a helicopter tour, which ends with a very dangerous, but fun, landing.



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