The world looked like a Mine Craft Game, I was in Hangzhou, 杭州 in a 像素世界 pixel world, people were building the city. I was my own character, an American soldier, dressed in black with a diamond sword. 输入指令在规定区域来实现你要做的事 I had to follow the instructions in the specified areas to achieve what I wanted. A gang of bad guys was fighting in my city, the people were scared, we needed a hero to save the city and keep it safe. There were too many people in the city, we couldn’t kill them right away, so I wrote an entry to kill the bad guy, it worked as soon as I wrote it. Five days later a dragon appeared to the west of Hangzhou 杭州, its name was 末影龙 Ender Dragon, before, I could make it appear and disappear, but not this time. I couldn’t write the entry because there was a hacker in the bad guy’s gang. I was a god in the past so I couldn’t be killed, I could fly and use my weapon up in space to kill the dragon, so I used my diamond sword. We fought for a long time, I couldn’t kill the dragon but I did kill the hacker, then I became god again so I was able to write the entry that sent the Dragon back home and I blocked its door so it wouldn’t come back. The dragons had 3 worlds and different bosses, I was named that Dragons’ boss, they lived underground and I lived on the ground.



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