I was rich, I had a very expensive car, a McLaren 迈凯轮. I drove it to some store to get some cool things drawn on it, like diamonds. The drawing was expensive but I could afford it, so they made it. I drove it back to my house, I had four cars in the garage. It was a mix of the game with the dream and in this game dream I was a character, a 1.85 meters American man, from the USA, with long hair and green eyes, and I had a lot of muscles, I was 基努里维斯 Keanu Reeves, I was wearing a 黑色西装 black suit, and I had the 希斯莱杰 Jocker’s makeup on. I had an underground house, it had 3 floors. on the first floor, there were some weapons, to be used in space and some to be handled by people. On the second floor, there was a big tv and a kitchen with lots of food. On the third floor, there was a swimming pool, my room to sleep and to get dressed, and a bathroom. My dog was there too. I went to work, I worked in the FBI, I had to fight the Joker, he was very clever and had too many plans to kill the FBI people. We were on the 24th floor of a building, he put down a very heavy cup that warmed up to kill people. I left my dog in the house and went with the FBI people to chase the Joker. We found him but he killed the others, he didn’t kill me. In China the Joker symbolizes Freedom, in my dream, the Joker killed 蝙蝠侠 Batman and I killed the Joker, I shot him. Then, 3 other Jokers appeared, I fell down from the top of the FBI building and the Jokers stood there smiling at me.




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