i am talking to my boss and discussing the on boarding strategy if a new Sr VP of Engineering. He is worried about something else and afraid to give a talk on an important and relevant subject. I suggest the VP just go to the normal engineering on boarding and I help him with the talk and he gives it there. we walk towards a big auditorium and he goes to stage to prepare I help people find their seats and as I’m walking I notice a lot of little pebbles, like little cat litter stones spread all over the carpet. My boss says they are there because of my bad suggestion see i knew it wouldn’t work! i start to pick up the pebbles. soon my hands are full and i’m asking people to help add pebbles but they just rollover and start falling to the carpet again. i start putting them in my mouth. later i’m dumping them in a bin and my boss comes out i’m spitting them out but there’s an endless stream of pebbles in my mouth i use my fingers to try to scoop them out with lots of spit and drilling. I tell him “now that wasn’t so terrible see it’s all clean” and all of leave the auditorium

Alexandre Freire Kawakami

São Paulo


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