DREAm 123

There is a house hidden in the woods where under cover of darkness illicit lovers come to do their thing. Professional sex workers and their clients, married men and their girlfriends, lovers of forbidden drugs. They hide in the trees awaiting their turn to use the rooms of the house. When it is time for my partner and I to enter, I discover the room we are given has little privacy. It is in fact the living room of the house, through which the other visitors must pass to get to their own rooms. We do not have a proper bed, it is only the living area sofa. In these difficult times, anything will do. I am ready for what we came here to do. My man however is having difficulty becoming aroused. We lay on the sofa and I try to pique his interest. But he prefers to just talk. I look down at my feet. My socks are old, worn, and holey. I get upset for having made a bad decision, for not having chosen something sexier, more arousing. I regret having come all this way, trekking through the forest, only to be disappointed. Then our time is up. We are asked to leave, others are waiting to use the sofa. It is going to be a long walk, and we must hurry. We need to arrive back to the city before dawn, when the checks and roadblocks come into effect. I blame it all on the worn socks.




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