i was in the beach house of my parents, but it was different, it was bigger and the colors were off from what it is in real life. there were some many people in the houses around us, which i have never seen as well, and also the houses were different than they really are. through my room’s door i could see the balcony of the backside room, and i saw a water tank of a neighbor house on fire, there were some people sitting next to it, they got desperate and started throwing water on it, which easily stops the fire, and they go back to their business sitting and chatting as if nothing happened. i looked to the other side, i think i was laying on my bed, there was a huge very orangey sunset i could see on the front balcony from my room, my parents were standing and watching the sunset there, distant from each other. there was a little girl next to my father, but i have no idea who she was – still don’t have a clue. i looked to the left side of our house from the balcony, there were some people with a white big tent sleeping there, i see a family going to the tent direction, a little girl happily running on the way to it. i look to the sunset, the beach is also there, but way closer to the house, i see that and instantly realize that this is odd even on this dream reality. out f nowhere, a huge wave of foam start forming and getting closer and bigger towards the house, i just scream to my mom to come inside and close the door, and then i wake up.




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