My friend had decided to take me to a huge art & music festival. We had artists passes, so could access anywhere. She was slightly annoyed at me as I wasn’t really into being there. I decided to go get a drink and instead ended up flying over the huge crowds of people. I became quite anxious and was wondering why the hell I’d agreed to go to something like this? I don’t usually like crowds in general. As I was flying towards the front where the stages were- the night sky was intensely cloudy and grey/blue. I couldn’t seem to stay flying at the same height, instead floating up and up and further away from everything. I tried really hard to go back down. Then scene cuts to being back stage. I am filling up a large glass bottle with noodles and veg.. it’s very difficult. There is an assortment of foods on tables. Much noise and commotion around me, yet I am separate. I am waiting to meet my friend here. It’s in the artist only section. I notice that there are all these little art pieces that people have made and are also free! So I get a tiny picture with some writing on it, that is attached to a neon green belt. I grab two pieces of work. Then I notice all the unguarded wine and wonder how I can fit them in my bad unnoticed. No one would seem to see.




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