I’m with Bruce Lee, shooting a new movie, I work on the team. Suddenly everyone starts to get corona virus, I wear a protective helmet but I witness one of the most bizarre scenes in the world, which is Bruce Lee being infected and immediately turning into Brandon Lee … I remember that Brandon Lee is dead and I suspect that this is a macabre voodoo ritual and i start praying to the guardian angel … My sister come and take me home. We are at Charlie’s house me my sister and mom. I remember that I have a medical appointment and I need to leave the house. It rains a lot. My sister says it’s dangerous for me to go. The appointment is at 11am, and I get scared and give up on going. but I feel pain in my belly and at 10:45 am I decide that I need to go to the doctor any way. London is the tallest of pines, I drive a mini car and park in Vila Madalena to walk to the doctor. on the way, the street speakers start to speak in English that all foreigners who are in London without a residence visa will be deported immediately. I see a police car at the end of the street. I divert my route and when I get to the doctor’s office he is not attending. I get pissed and scared. I have to go home, but I notice that police are chasing me. I realize that it is dangerous to go back to where I parked the car. I see an uber-type man smoking beside his car, stop at him and beg for a ride to Charlie’s house. He is willing to take me. he is also an immigrant. He begins to make strange paths, through Sumaré, Pacaembu. I ask if he doesn’t want to put a GPS. he gets kind of angry. When we get to Perdizes it is already super sunny and I realize that it might be better to ask to go down there and go on foot, which is faster. I want to repay the good deed, then I ask the driver to leave me there, but first I want to offer him a piece of cake, we enter the Sabesp park and we are already in Campos do Jordão, in a chic confectionery all glassed in the middle of the eucalyptus forest. I order a cake for the girl and the boy is dazzled by the park. When the cake is ready I realize that it is gone and that I am in the park alone and that I need to go home. A lot of well-known people show up, but I run away from everyone. Nobody can know that I am there who can report me, I run out of the park and go down to Alfonso Bovero to get to Catford, and there are my sister and my mum all at home very angry with me because I left. I try to explain that we cannot leave the house or we will be deported, my sister says that she and my mom are naturalized as English. I ask why they didn’t naturalize me too and you she says it’s because I don’t have a phd.

Paula Petreca

São Bernardo do Campo


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