Dream 79

I dreamed that I was a white house with my sister Bruna. The floor was white painted wood, the windows was rounded, a yellow light comes in from outside. My sister and I are locked up, we are afraid to go to the street, so we decided to order pizza. It gets dark and no one arrives. suddenly the doorbell rings and it is the biker, he hands me a bag and hands me the card machine, I type quickly, and I take the note and run into the house. We sprayed alcohol gel on the bag and when we open it there was no pizza, just old shoes. We looked at the invoice and it says recyclable shoes and the amount paid $ 9873.28. “Oh my god Bruna, it was a blow, he charged me almost ten thousand money for these shoes. I’ll be red in the bank, help!” Calm down Paula – my sister says – you don’t even have that limit on your card, nor should you have passed the purchase! “Truth! Bruna But I used the mother’s card to pay the guy. Fuck it. Let’s call the police”. There is no police – she reminds me. “We ar Fucked up”. We ran out, and at the end of the street there was a gigantic river bridge which left the city and reaches the forest, passing over a cliff, it must be 3 km. We ran, and arriving in the forest we entered Portugal’s House Club! It is huge in the dream, and much more refined in marble finishes. I run to the stage, it’s having a big party and the group is already rehearsing. A song by Conan Osiris is playing, I’m happy for the group to include contemporary songs in the repertoire, my sister sits at one of the tables to watch our rehearsal, but it’s like a party, and it’s like that gym at the doors of Santo Antão, but with some huge windows through which you can see the eucalyptus trees outside. The group is dancing without a costume. Viração do Mar. I try to imitate the movements of Fátima, she projects herself so well in space, she is better than a classical dancer. Daft Punk arrives. They will also play at the party. The waiters are dressed in cute pink teddy bears, all with plush clothes. My sister has already fallen in love with Daft Punk and I realize that the biker is infiltrating them with his helmet. I signal her from the stage, to try to surround him and get our money back. They say Conan Osiris will arrive. I get nervous. My sister calls a security guard, he takes off the motorcycle helmet and he has the face of all my ex-boyfriends (except the last one) mixed up. It’s terrifying.

Paula Petreca

São Bernardo do Campo


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