So in my dream at a crowded restaurant with a high school classmate (we’re not close friends) we play along with the trivia game on the TV. The question related to a movie or TV show or something where someone was hypnotized & would do the hula like which famous celebrity? My answer was Lola. I think I was thinking Gina Lola Brigida (?)but does she hula? So I say Lola, the crowd asked who?? And then I start singing…”Whatever Lola wants…..Lola gets” (Sarah Vaughn). Then the person standing next to me sings along…then everyone is singing. Sorta like an episode of that TV show “Zoey’s Extreme Playlist”( or something like that. Then I go back to my childhood home in Chicago to find my dad (who passed almost 20 years ago)trying to cut the grass with every lawnmower he owned while we were there… And my Whippet breed dog managed to squeeze through the chain link fence. (no I never owned a Whippet) No more apple juice before sleep.

Lehigh Acres

United States

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