A few weeks ago, before the pandemic entered strongly in Spain I had a lucid dream, I woke up inside a dream, but my dream wasn´t much different of my reality as I was in the same house , in a big house surrounded by orange trees that belong to my friend in Valencia (Sueca), that was a perfect weekend and my heart was open filled with love and harmony sharing with dears friends, that is why the dream was very rare for the context then but now I understand the premonitory nature of it as it functioned as a kind of Omen. As I woke up in my bed within the dream and quickly I understood I was dreaming I wanted to go to the first floor where my friends were talking to see if I could manipulate the dream and so I did, I could control my dream, as I was going downstairs a hug heavy structure fall over me and kept me confined inside, it was a huge metal armor, like from medieval times and I was inside feeling heavy without being able to move, the feeling totally changed as I lost my mobility, from feeling light to heavy, there was dark and felt the cold metal around me, I got worried so I woke up. Afterward, I shared it with some of my colleagues and we all were surprised as the general mood and energy of the house was calm harmony so it felt out of context, now looking back I believe my guides were trying to warn me about what was ahead.



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